Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Daily Dumb.. Full of lies!!?

Daily Dumb thought to fight back so i recently sent a letter..

"Woa Woa
That sound recording is a total fake

We may have locked the tintuts but torture!? No way

Were bribing them with chocolate for secret Crumb information! (hmm wonder where i got that idea)
Oh and quote from Daily Dumb "BY THE WAY
The Location you gathered is incorrect." If it was incorrect how did u receive our letter!?

Project thick? It dont even rhyme!!! Come up with something better than that DAILY DUMB!

Yours faithfully

Project Insanity

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Daily Dumb

Daily Crumb? More like DAILY DUMB!

Well you will soon, we've planted a family of Tintut's through your windows."

Well we dont know what it feels like to have itchy arms =D! But we know what if feels like to have SUCCESS!

Oh yes meet Tinkley lockers! Cages for little people!!!

We can now keep the Tintuts and sell them!

turn them into Marmite...

We found the location of Daily Crumb and sent them a threatening YET creative letter.
But then we ran out of newspaper letters so we thought to type the rest..

"We have captured your Tintuts! Do what i say and i will release them to you.

I want you to put the adverts back on your blog and i want you to write on your blog that Project Insanity is the best blog ever!!

If you dont cooperate then your Tintuts will be MARMITE!

Happy days,
Project Insanity"

Friday, 23 November 2007

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Our evil plan with Marmite

We the insanity team and evil marmite has now taken over The Daily Crumb!

We have placed advertisements all over his site due to low money..

We win for now but will this plan fail?


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Mister O!

Now this im deffiantly getting this from lewis.


Basicly a 35 paged book of Mister O trying to get across a gap/cliff! =D

but the funny part is he keeps on screwing up

I like this because its not dark humor and it looks quite funny ^_^

So ill defiantly get this one
Click the pictures to preview comic!

Changed my mind

Im still not sure whether to get A.L.I.E.E.N anymore because i found out its dark humor (like happy tree friends) However im going to get something off lewis hehe x

But i found some preveiws which make it look interesting EEK! http://www.firstsecondbooks.com/alieeen/alieeenGift01.html


Hmm well i thought to mention a surreal book for you insane people! :D

Basicly my art project is on graphic novel so i was looking into some and found this odd book..

The art just captured me and so i looked more into it and found a blurb for it

"The first extraterrestrial comic book in print on planet Earth!

At last we have an answer to the question: What do alien kids read?

Who knows how many light-years this beaten up, weatherworn volume has traveled to land up in the hands of an earthling like you? This rare artifact from another planet is written in an entirely alien language and alphabet, which you may be the first human to decipher.

Whichever galaxy they're from, these interwoven talesprove that some stories are indeed universal — and that others are, well ... weird, bizarre, and clearly not of this world. But no matter how many eyes, legas or tentacles they have, it's nice to knowthat aliens too can smile, cry, poop, make friends, be kind or be cruel, fall prey to peer pressure, and sometimes make a total mess of things whilst trying to do good.

Thanks to this extraordinary discovery from aworld far, far away, serious ufologists everywhere are now rethinking their profession, whilst asking themselves: Do aliens really let their kids read this stuff?"

The artist Lewis Trodheim is a french artist(However not his real name) This book seemed to capture me because its a serious/humorous comic book! (Graphic Novel)

I dont know if i should get it or not though because it looks like the aliens are getting hurt alot haha

Wonder if the library has it

Sunday, 18 November 2007

K-9 System Checkup

Primary systems activated..

Scanning memory database..

Unknown video file in database..

Access Video file.
Access Sucessfull!

Sunday, 4 November 2007


Im placing an order straight away!!

You dont know how heavy a banana can be!!

This an animation off my friend Crunch! (Munch =p)

Hes very small too i think

I wonder how he types with such tiny arms!!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Waterlollies is finally released!

"TRULY AMAZING!" Is the words i say when i watched this!

From my long wait and missing the preview twice.. It was so worth the wait

The characters were inspirational with interesting human characteristics. Also the creation of Waterlollies and the disadvantage of eating it was extremely imaginative.
When i watched it in a room full of silence and a down face.. The room lightened and i was full of happiness. So basicly the animation was perfect and watching it made my day

Thank you Adam for your wonderful work (and stressful days) to great a truly amazing flash movie!