Friday, 17 September 2010

Brackenwood Poem

Whilst routing through my old stuff I seemed to have found one of my old poetry books and discovered i wrote a poem about Adam Phillips imaginary world Brackenwood

So here it is Adam

Brackenwood at Night
The Brackenwood creatures are off to bed
Bitey dreaming of his little Mischief's
The Prowlies sleeping by the river
While the moodbirds are having a blue,
Sleeping in the treetops
BingBongs playing around
Star Fairies brightening the night
filling Brackenwood with delicate tunes
Fatsacks sleeping in the long grass
Bigfoot tucking little foot in his hay bed
Wee the Witch having hot cocoa
Auld Sage walking in the grass
listening to the silence
No sound..
No pecking on the hard bark
No Bitey kicking Fatsacks
No Big Foot screaming for Little Foot
Just Bugs chirping
Just Star Fairies playing music
This is the silentest time in Brackenwood
Night Time...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

"I'm Here"

What if in the future robots became more human like? Would they dream and have creative thoughts? Would they experience feelings like love? Spike Jonze's movie "I’m here” answers these questions very well!

A male robot meets a female robot and falls in love however during their love he starts to recognise how dangerous a life of a robot can be when he witnesses his girlfriend in dangerous situations which made the robot do drastic measures to prove his love and save her life.

“I’m here” even though is very short the movie captures emotions so well in very short time! The plot has an interesting uniqueness to it and captures the life of robots rites and should they live their lives like humans. The art style is amazing they somewhat display the robots as we display ourselves, different features and shapes. I think this film is worth watching!

If you want to have a watch yourself just go on and it will give you a timer saying when the next screen is..They will allow only up to 200 people to watch it then restart the timer again.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I was gonna post a random story in the daily crumb today but suprisingly i was secretly fired so ill write it on here

Sherlock Holmes Ulitmate Mystery
Sherlock was having a daily stroll until suddenly he notices a young lady searching along the floor..

Excuse me mam but have you lost something?
Yes i have, could you help me please sherlock?
Well of course! What have you lost
My baby..
Im sorry madam?
MY BABY! My wonderfull baby..
You lost a baby!? Why are you looking around the ground then?
Because i think i dropped him along here
Mam, dont you think you would notice?
NO! not at all..if i noticed then i wouldnt be looking, sherlock..
Ah true, however this is a baby your talking about
Sherlock, you seem to think its hard to believe for a lady to lose their baby..
Well mam it is! Are you sure you did not leave him in the supermarket?
Supermarket? Who would leave their baby there!?
Well its more believable than the ground..
Sherlock! Are you going to help or what?

Sherlock stands there puzzled and decides to help the young lady anyways.. Perhaps he would find something atleast.. Sherlock goes onto his knees and looks amongst the ground.

Okay Mam ill help you look, where did you last have him?
Nowhere!? You must of had him somewhere!
Nope, Nowhere..
Then how do you know you lost him?
Because hes not with me now..
Did you even take him out?
Of course!
Where did you take him to?
Hmm..and when did you start looking for him?
When i found out that hes not with me
and that was..?
Right here
The lady points to the ground however the was no baby in sight.. Sherlock started to become fustrated
Mam are you sure you had your baby in your arms when you left your house?
Dont be silly..of course he wasnt
Then tell me now mam where is he?
OH YEAH! I remember where i left him!
Suddenly the young lady points to her stomach..Sherlock changed from confused to extremely confused!
*giggle* No, hes not even born yet..
Sherlock slaps his forehead and stands up
Mam i think i have solved your mystery..
Oh really!? What is it??
You're an idiot!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Entering a serial killers mind knowing his thoughts on the world of today. Odium is a twisted horror/mystery story with slight graphical murder. Mr Mood..A dark shadowed serial killer seeking revenge on binge drinking sterotypical teenagers ends up changing things for the worse. With Odium you get to experience the life of sterotypical teenagers and the mind of a murderer. I fully enjoyed reading Odium and made a couple of face cringes. Odium is by Nathan Viney and he has included descriptive detail on this story. As i started to read it i began to see how the whole story loops like things restart all over again. There is one phrase that i can say which would go well with this story and that is “kill one person kill another”.

If you want to read Odium then please click on the following link

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Han Hoogerbrugge

Han Hoogerbrugge
I thought to write about my favorite surrealist "Han Hoogerbrugge"

Han Hoogerbrugge creates strange flash movies and out of the world graphics/images.

Most of his artwork does have a hidden message and sometimes the title can give a hint. The characters are always black and white with a slight colour added to them.

Hans has created his own interactive story called "Hotel" which is about a doctor called Dr.Doglin who does tests on volunteers or so called victims.. It all goes wrong for Dr.Doglin and hes starting to lose his sanity.
This fun flash movie lets you click on the characters and objects with you trying to uncover the story. You get to play around with t
he patients/victims and watch there crazy actions in a surreal enviroment. You get to play with them for as long as you want until the timer end.. or you can press jump and it will go to the next scene.

The disappointing thing about "Hotel" is the ending! I'm hoping theres
more episodes in the near future or at least a sequel

Some of the scenes do contain slight nudity(mostly the clown)


I think Flow is the first animation i have seen from Han.

Flow is interactive as well but not a story. Flow is more like a fun project.
Of course flow is surreal and basically it scrolls to many scenes which you can interact with his characters.

Watching this is just like the feeling of being hyped up on drugs and seeing visions.


Spin is rather like flow.. Just one man on his short journey, but its no normal journey.

His journey in a birdcage to traveling on a

Nails is little animations from Han's with his visual creations and catchy captions.

I have to say i love everything about Han Hoogerbrugge and he has always inspired me!
Theres lots more to Han and if you want to check out the work i mentioned then please click on the images.

First image goes straight to his site
Others go to the flash movies

Thanks for indulging

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Daily Dumb.. Full of lies!!?

Daily Dumb thought to fight back so i recently sent a letter..

"Woa Woa
That sound recording is a total fake

We may have locked the tintuts but torture!? No way

Were bribing them with chocolate for secret Crumb information! (hmm wonder where i got that idea)
Oh and quote from Daily Dumb "BY THE WAY
The Location you gathered is incorrect." If it was incorrect how did u receive our letter!?

Project thick? It dont even rhyme!!! Come up with something better than that DAILY DUMB!

Yours faithfully

Project Insanity

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Daily Dumb

Daily Crumb? More like DAILY DUMB!

Well you will soon, we've planted a family of Tintut's through your windows."

Well we dont know what it feels like to have itchy arms =D! But we know what if feels like to have SUCCESS!

Oh yes meet Tinkley lockers! Cages for little people!!!

We can now keep the Tintuts and sell them!

turn them into Marmite...

We found the location of Daily Crumb and sent them a threatening YET creative letter.
But then we ran out of newspaper letters so we thought to type the rest..

"We have captured your Tintuts! Do what i say and i will release them to you.

I want you to put the adverts back on your blog and i want you to write on your blog that Project Insanity is the best blog ever!!

If you dont cooperate then your Tintuts will be MARMITE!

Happy days,
Project Insanity"