Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I was gonna post a random story in the daily crumb today but suprisingly i was secretly fired so ill write it on here

Sherlock Holmes Ulitmate Mystery
Sherlock was having a daily stroll until suddenly he notices a young lady searching along the floor..

Excuse me mam but have you lost something?
Yes i have, could you help me please sherlock?
Well of course! What have you lost
My baby..
Im sorry madam?
MY BABY! My wonderfull baby..
You lost a baby!? Why are you looking around the ground then?
Because i think i dropped him along here
Mam, dont you think you would notice?
NO! not at all..if i noticed then i wouldnt be looking, sherlock..
Ah true, however this is a baby your talking about
Sherlock, you seem to think its hard to believe for a lady to lose their baby..
Well mam it is! Are you sure you did not leave him in the supermarket?
Supermarket? Who would leave their baby there!?
Well its more believable than the ground..
Sherlock! Are you going to help or what?

Sherlock stands there puzzled and decides to help the young lady anyways.. Perhaps he would find something atleast.. Sherlock goes onto his knees and looks amongst the ground.

Okay Mam ill help you look, where did you last have him?
Nowhere!? You must of had him somewhere!
Nope, Nowhere..
Then how do you know you lost him?
Because hes not with me now..
Did you even take him out?
Of course!
Where did you take him to?
Hmm..and when did you start looking for him?
When i found out that hes not with me
and that was..?
Right here
The lady points to the ground however the was no baby in sight.. Sherlock started to become fustrated
Mam are you sure you had your baby in your arms when you left your house?
Dont be silly..of course he wasnt
Then tell me now mam where is he?
OH YEAH! I remember where i left him!
Suddenly the young lady points to her stomach..Sherlock changed from confused to extremely confused!
*giggle* No, hes not even born yet..
Sherlock slaps his forehead and stands up
Mam i think i have solved your mystery..
Oh really!? What is it??
You're an idiot!