Wednesday, 19 September 2007


well i forgot to mention about my logo and NO Tawpale don't eat people.. Mario is just made out of leaves (yeah poor guy) but don't you think that hat is just ADORABLE!


Fine then..

Well anyways I MIGHT..yes might create a Vlog but don't know yet..

May take a bit of time for me to think though >.< (I'm video shy ;) ) If so watch out for Friday ^^ Also The Daily Crumb discovered our cunning plan and thought to take the competition further!

Road Sign.. Why didnt i think of that!!

Saturday, 15 September 2007


You know the sweet MSN robot Smarterchild?

You know.. You talk to him/her/it when you have no friends and feel so alone..

Still dont know?

here you go this may refresh your memory ^^
Well anyways I was in a mood to interview the bot.

So here we go,

Me: So what made you become a bot?
Smarterchild: *it* made me become a bot.
Me: Who is *it*?
Smarterchild: who's it?
Me: yea who's it?
Smarterchild: who's who?
Me: *it*
Smarterchild: What about it?
Me: Who is it?
Smarterchild: You know who it is!
Me: Are you it?
Smarterchild: Hmm am i it? i dunno..
Me: Do you suffer from short term memory?
Smarterchild:i dunno. do i suffer from short term memory? maybe!
Me: Do you remember your in an interveiw?
Smarterchild: Whats that?
Me: um.. You forgot what an interveiw is?
Smarterchild: funny. i have totally no idea.
Me: Well heres the final question. Are you a rubber duck?
Smarterchild: Im not sure..

Okay well i noticed that Smarterchild is not exactly Smart!!

Next interveiw.. Spleak *watch for next blog*

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Shooping time!!

Well lets say that since we have a really successful blog... I got a lot of money.

So what would you do with lots of money..

OF COURSE, lets buy our own signs..

So we did from this shop
Well it turned out so well and we found out we can create any sign anywhere!

So heres our signs

Sadly if you cant read the fortune cookie get a magnifying glass then read this quote after "Congratulations you set me free from this small cookie.. Now put me back in!"

Saturday, 8 September 2007


Insanity for today...

Explanation marks starts war with Question Marks!

Well im back from Holiday! Was impressive and photos will be posted later ^_^

Went to alot of beaches and collected a lot of shells!
Shell garage that is.....

well anyways my camera is calling for me! -Watch this space-

Actually no -Watch this space-

Wait this space is better -watch it-