Saturday, 15 September 2007


You know the sweet MSN robot Smarterchild?

You know.. You talk to him/her/it when you have no friends and feel so alone..

Still dont know?

here you go this may refresh your memory ^^
Well anyways I was in a mood to interview the bot.

So here we go,

Me: So what made you become a bot?
Smarterchild: *it* made me become a bot.
Me: Who is *it*?
Smarterchild: who's it?
Me: yea who's it?
Smarterchild: who's who?
Me: *it*
Smarterchild: What about it?
Me: Who is it?
Smarterchild: You know who it is!
Me: Are you it?
Smarterchild: Hmm am i it? i dunno..
Me: Do you suffer from short term memory?
Smarterchild:i dunno. do i suffer from short term memory? maybe!
Me: Do you remember your in an interveiw?
Smarterchild: Whats that?
Me: um.. You forgot what an interveiw is?
Smarterchild: funny. i have totally no idea.
Me: Well heres the final question. Are you a rubber duck?
Smarterchild: Im not sure..

Okay well i noticed that Smarterchild is not exactly Smart!!

Next interveiw.. Spleak *watch for next blog*

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