Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Entering a serial killers mind knowing his thoughts on the world of today. Odium is a twisted horror/mystery story with slight graphical murder. Mr Mood..A dark shadowed serial killer seeking revenge on binge drinking sterotypical teenagers ends up changing things for the worse. With Odium you get to experience the life of sterotypical teenagers and the mind of a murderer. I fully enjoyed reading Odium and made a couple of face cringes. Odium is by Nathan Viney and he has included descriptive detail on this story. As i started to read it i began to see how the whole story loops like things restart all over again. There is one phrase that i can say which would go well with this story and that is “kill one person kill another”.

If you want to read Odium then please click on the following link

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Han Hoogerbrugge

Han Hoogerbrugge
I thought to write about my favorite surrealist "Han Hoogerbrugge"

Han Hoogerbrugge creates strange flash movies and out of the world graphics/images.

Most of his artwork does have a hidden message and sometimes the title can give a hint. The characters are always black and white with a slight colour added to them.

Hans has created his own interactive story called "Hotel" which is about a doctor called Dr.Doglin who does tests on volunteers or so called victims.. It all goes wrong for Dr.Doglin and hes starting to lose his sanity.
This fun flash movie lets you click on the characters and objects with you trying to uncover the story. You get to play around with t
he patients/victims and watch there crazy actions in a surreal enviroment. You get to play with them for as long as you want until the timer end.. or you can press jump and it will go to the next scene.

The disappointing thing about "Hotel" is the ending! I'm hoping theres
more episodes in the near future or at least a sequel

Some of the scenes do contain slight nudity(mostly the clown)


I think Flow is the first animation i have seen from Han.

Flow is interactive as well but not a story. Flow is more like a fun project.
Of course flow is surreal and basically it scrolls to many scenes which you can interact with his characters.

Watching this is just like the feeling of being hyped up on drugs and seeing visions.


Spin is rather like flow.. Just one man on his short journey, but its no normal journey.

His journey in a birdcage to traveling on a

Nails is little animations from Han's with his visual creations and catchy captions.

I have to say i love everything about Han Hoogerbrugge and he has always inspired me!
Theres lots more to Han and if you want to check out the work i mentioned then please click on the images.

First image goes straight to his site
Others go to the flash movies

Thanks for indulging