Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Entering a serial killers mind knowing his thoughts on the world of today. Odium is a twisted horror/mystery story with slight graphical murder. Mr Mood..A dark shadowed serial killer seeking revenge on binge drinking sterotypical teenagers ends up changing things for the worse. With Odium you get to experience the life of sterotypical teenagers and the mind of a murderer. I fully enjoyed reading Odium and made a couple of face cringes. Odium is by Nathan Viney and he has included descriptive detail on this story. As i started to read it i began to see how the whole story loops like things restart all over again. There is one phrase that i can say which would go well with this story and that is “kill one person kill another”.

If you want to read Odium then please click on the following link


Wompa said...
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Wompa said...

... try this again...

Try "Black House" by Peter Straub and Stephen King. Although it's a far better novel if you read "The Talisman" first.