Friday, 17 September 2010

Brackenwood Poem

Whilst routing through my old stuff I seemed to have found one of my old poetry books and discovered i wrote a poem about Adam Phillips imaginary world Brackenwood

So here it is Adam

Brackenwood at Night
The Brackenwood creatures are off to bed
Bitey dreaming of his little Mischief's
The Prowlies sleeping by the river
While the moodbirds are having a blue,
Sleeping in the treetops
BingBongs playing around
Star Fairies brightening the night
filling Brackenwood with delicate tunes
Fatsacks sleeping in the long grass
Bigfoot tucking little foot in his hay bed
Wee the Witch having hot cocoa
Auld Sage walking in the grass
listening to the silence
No sound..
No pecking on the hard bark
No Bitey kicking Fatsacks
No Big Foot screaming for Little Foot
Just Bugs chirping
Just Star Fairies playing music
This is the silentest time in Brackenwood
Night Time...