Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Were bringing a new creature for research into Project Insanity...

Sadly we cant take photos of this creature due to him being allergic to cameras!

So we got an artist to do sketches of him

So heres my version

Tadpole shaped body with purple skin.. and a undercoating of pink on its chest (rather like a snake styled chest) also golden wings.

The Tawpale is a less caring creature and quite lazy. He likes to fly up high and rest amongst the clouds. Tawpale is a vegetarian and lives off tree leaves. He is quite shy but a caring creature.

My mental friend Munch did his own version and included him in his creative, funny comics =)

When Tawpale read these he was so happy that he turned famous and laughed at squishy thingy being scared.

Check 3rd Panel-Click Here

Check 2nd Panel-Click here

I think Tawpale is the remaining species however if you find one please contact


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